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Many thanks for considering HIP Video Promo to help you secure the exposure and attention on Spotify that every independent artist and band desires.

Anyone writing, recording and releasing music these days has likely tried to figure out how to get their songs into Spotify playlists, and while it’s not as simple as most would like, with the right song and a solid, sturdy foundation already in place, HIP Video Promo can increase the likelihood of earning coveted playlist spots and increased exposure on Spotify.

Spotify is currently leading the streaming market with 100 million paid subscribers and over 217 million active users in over 80 territories. There are over 2 billion playlists on Spotify owned and operated by everyday users, brands, independent curators, official curators, and the millions of algorithm based playlists that reset weekly.

Securing playlists on Spotify has become an integral component of any independent artist’s musical career. Your “audience” is gauged not only by your social media presence, but by your streams on Spotify. HIP Video Promo now proudly offers custom targeted Spotify playlist marketing. We work closely with our clients to ensure they’re happy with the results and are provided an outstanding return on investment.

So how does it work? We’re constantly building relationships with playlisters with organic audiences eager to hear new music. If we are confident your music meets the quality of those playlists and deserves the chance to secure placements there, the HIP Video Promo team will be ready to move forward with the campaign. With our persistent effort, you’ll very likely be added to many of these playlists and your streams will increase significantly, all while gaining potential new fans across the globe.

The user curated playlists we will work diligently to secure you placements on will typically keep your song placed for at least one to two weeks, often one month (30 days) and potentially longer. Keep in mind that just because a playlist cycles your song out after one month doesn’t necessarily mean your streams stop in all cases. The objective of the campaign is to not only get you on great playlists and secure your song more streams than prior, but it is to, in the long run, also get you to a point where the song get on Spotify’s radar with their algorithm and closer to adding you to recurrent rotation.

Please don’t hesitate to be in touch of you have any questions about our Spotify marketing campaign. You can call 732-613-1779 to speak directly to the owner of HIP Video Promo Andy Gesner to learn more, or email us at and we’ll respond in a timely fashion.

Spotify Promotion

Music Video Promotion for 2020 – Get your music video on MTV, BET Jams

Greetings! It’s Andy at HIP Video Promo! Music video promotion is more important now in 2020 than it has ever been. Video Promotion done right is difficult, so it makes sense to hire the best music video promotion company there is. As my team and I celebrate our twentieth year fighting the good fight on behalf of our clients, I wanted to offer up an open invitation to all of you out there planning your marketing campaigns for the new year. Keep in mind: visual content remains your most powerful piece of marketing currency. So whether it’s music video promotion, social media marketing, Spotify playlist pitching, or visual content creation, I’d love to talk more! I’m in the office and easily reachable. Let’s set up a call! As mentioned in the video, we shoot music videos too! Check out our HIP Video Productions website below! Direct Line: 732-613-1779 Email:

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15 Video Marketing Stats You Need to Know in 2019

15 video marketing statistics every business owner and content creator needs to know! ****** **** Ready to grow your YouTube channel faster in 2019? I just released a brand new 1-hour YouTube Masterclass and you can watch it free here ➡️ 📒 Show Notes and Resources 📒 1. (Free Online YouTube Masterclass) Ready to grow your YouTube channel faster in 2019? I just released a brand new 1-hour YouTube Masterclass and you can watch it free here ➡️ 2. (Think Media’s Online Video Conference) To learn more about Grow with Video LIVE in Las Vegas visit ➡️ 3. 📕 Get a copy of YouTube Secrets and $100 of exclusive free bonuses here: FACEBOOK PAGE — I do weekly Facebook Live Streams on this page. QUESTION — Have a question about Online Video, Video Production, Tech, Marketing, or Anything Else? Post in comments section of this video! Subscribe to THiNK Media TV Here: Sean Cannell on Social Media: ———Cameras and Gear Used To Shoot This Video ——- Curious what camera we use? Here is a list of our current gear for Think Media:… DISCLAIMER: This video and description contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission. About: In this video Sean Cannell from Think Media shares 15 online video statistics you need to know in 2019. These YouTube video marketing tips where shared a Grow with Video LIVE in Las Vegas. To learn more visit:

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9 Actionable Tips for Ranking Videos (2019)

Today you’re going to learn how to rank your videos number one in YouTube in fact the YouTube SEO tips are about to share with you have helped me rank for hundreds of different keywords and thanks to these nine strategies I even ranked in the top three for the keyword video SEO now I should warn you I’m not gonna give you generic advice like use video tags you already know that stuff instead you’re gonna see little-known SEO tips that are working right now i’m brian dean the founder of backlinko and let’s dive right in when i launched my youtube channel a few years ago i felt great and to get ready i watched dozens of videos from so-called youtube SEO experts so i was super excited when my channel finally went live I thought to myself self it’s only a matter of time before your videos rank in YouTube and get lots of views there was only one problem it never happened in fact despite working really hard on my videos my views barely budged and one day I decided to stop following the advice from so called YouTube experts so I slapped on my lab coat and set out to figure this whole YouTube SEO thing out myself let’s do this and trust me I tested everything I tested different

combinations of keywords video lengths introductions tags and more it took months of almost non-stop testing for me to figure things out but in the end I developed a formula for ranking videos that actually worked in this formula quickly grew my rankings views subscribers in traffic and now it’s time for me to show you the nine most powerful strategies that I used so without further ado let’s kick things off with strategy number one front-load your keyword everyone and their mom knows you should use your target keyword in your video title but what you might not know is that YouTube puts more weight on words that appear in the beginning of your title for example let’s say you want to rank your video for cold brew coffee most people would use a title like this now that title isn’t horrible or anything but you can easily make that title even more SEO friendly by front-loading your keyword a title with a front-loader keyword would look something like this in fact this little tip works so well that it tend to front-load keywords and almost all of my titles and with that it’s time for our second strategy boost video engagement signals last year I conducted the largest YouTube ranking factor study ever specifically we analyzed million YouTube search results to figure out what makes certain videos rank higher than others so what are we fine we found that videos with lots of engagement signals outrank videos that didn’t get a lot of engagement so what our engagement signals exactly engagement signals are things like shares likes comments and subscribes basically whenever someone engages with your video it tells YouTube people are loving this video and our data found that comments correlated with rankings more than any other engagement signal the question is how can you get more people to comment on your videos from lots of

testing I’ve found that putting a hyper specific call to action at the end of your video works best you see most youtubers use a generic call-to-action like leave a comment or let me know what you think but I’ve found that hyper specific call to actions work much better so instead of a generic leave a comment give your viewer something specific to comment on for example at the end of this video I asked my viewers which of the two strategies from the video they’re gonna try first and because I make commenting insanely easy that video has racked up hundreds of comments our third strategy is to use the tab formula for video tags here’s the deal with video tags on YouTube according to a ranking factor study tags are as important as they used to be that said tags still make a difference so it’s worthwhile to spend some time in them unfortunately most people on YouTube used tags completely wrong remember your video tags are designed to help YouTube understand the content of your video which means you don’t need a lot of tags to get the job done in fact if you use lots of tags you’re just gonna confuse YouTube and Google and they’ll have no idea what your video is actually about for example take a look at this video it has a whopping 17 tags imagine for a second that your YouTube what these tags tell you well they tell you that the video is about 17 different topics and if YouTube doesn’t understand what your video is about they’re not gonna rank it for anything that’s why I recommend using a small number of highly specific tags I call my approach the tab formula the tab stands for target alternative and broad here’s exactly how it works first make sure that your first tag is your target keyword just like with your title YouTube puts more weight on tags that appear early on especially your first tag so if your keyword is green smoothie recipes you’d make your first tag green smoothie recipes simple next create two to three tags that are

alternative versions of your main keyword for example you’d use variations of green smoothie recipes like green smoothie recipes for breakfast and easy green smoothie recipes you can easily find these variations by popping a target keyword into the YouTube search field and seeing what YouTube suggests these suggestions make perfect alternative versions of your main keyword to use as tags finally include one or two broad terms as your last set of tags these tags should describe your videos overall topic or industry the goal of these broad tags is just to give YouTube more context about your video for example broad keywords for green smoothie recipes would be things like nutrition and smoothies next up we have CTR magnet thumbnails you probably already know that click-through rate is an important YouTube ranking factor in other words if your video gets an above average amount of clicks in the search results YouTube’s going to give you a rankings bump the question is how can you get more clicks use CTR magnet thumbnails so what are CTR magnet thumbnails they’re thumbnails that are strategically designed to get more clicks from YouTube searchers here’s the step by step process first use non youtube colors in your thumbnail what do I mean by non youtube colors well the main colors on youtubes website are white red and black so if you use those same colors in your thumbnail you’re gonna blend in instead I recommend using colors that contrast with YouTube’s color scheme like green blue purple gray and orange for example I use green blue and gray in most of my thumbnails and these colors help Myra’s I’ll stand out from the others which brings me more clicks next use big bold text in your thumbnail my experiments have taught me that thumbnails with text get more clicks and thumbnails without any text

that said your thumbnail is pretty small so you don’t have a lot of room to work with that’s why I recommend using 30 characters of text max for example the thumbnail of my video that ranks number one for e-commerce SEO has a grand total of 23 characters our fifth youtube SEO tip is to write mini blog posts for your video descriptions when I first started my youtube channel I put 0 thought into my video descriptions this video is awesome and description done and it turns out this was a huge mistake from lots of testing I’ve found that long descriptions help videos rank better in YouTube because longer descriptions help YouTube better understand what your video is all about that’s why I recommend making your descriptions between 100 and 200 words for example check out this video of mine that’s done really well the description for this video is a hundred and forty-two words and that long description has helped that video make its way to the top of YouTube for competitive keywords like SEO you might be wondering what do I actually write in my description well you want to outline the content of your video without giving away the farm for example here’s a description for my ecommerce SEO video as you can see I describe the content of the video but I don’t get into the meaty details that way even if someone reads a description they still need to watch the video to see the actual content let’s jump right into our next strategy boost video length when it comes to video SEO what

works better long videos or short videos well when we analyzed million YouTube videos we discovered that longer videos tended to outrank short videos in fact our data showed that the average video on the first page of YouTube is 14 minutes 50 seconds long what’s going on here well a few years ago YouTube said we focus on those videos that increase the amount of time that the viewer will spend watching videos on YouTube in other words YouTube loves videos that keep but watching for long periods of time for example check out this video from my channel it’s almost 14 minutes long because that video is on the longer side it racks up lots of watch time automatically and that simply wouldn’t be possible if my video was only 2 minutes bottom line whenever it makes sense make your videos between 8 and 15 minutes long in my experience that’s the sweet spot for ranking in YouTube search results moving right along to our next strategy strategy number seven which is to use brackets and parentheses in your video title like I mentioned earlier YouTube uses click the rate as a ranking factor and yes your thumbnail is a big part of the equation but don’t forget about your title it’s huge in fact YouTube themselves state that well-written titles can be the difference between someone watching and sharing your video or scrolling right past it and one of the easiest ways to increase your click-through rate is to add brackets or parentheses to your video title in fact a study commissioned by HubSpot discovered that

simply adding brackets and parentheses to titles boosts the click-through rate by up to 38% for example let’s say you just published a video that outlined 10 video marketing tips and your original title look like this well according to hub spots research by changing your title to this you can increase your clicks by more than a third actually parentheses works so well that I tend to use them in almost all of my video titles and here are some examples of things that you can include in brackets or parentheses that work really well and now it’s time for strategy number 8 ranked and suggested video here’s the deal youtube SEO is more than just ranking in the search results in fact you can get just as many views if not more by getting your video to appear as a suggestive video suggestive video is when your video shows up next to another video in the sidebar so if you can get your video to show up next to a really popular video you’ll steal some of their views and the best way to show up as to suggest a video use the same tags that video uses when YouTube sees that some of your tags match the tags from a popular video they’ll understand that your video is about the same topic which means they’ll likely rank your video as a suggestive video for example let’s say you wanted to rank as a suggestive video next to this video first check out the tags that video uses to see if videos tags you need to look at the source code of the page to do this with Google Chrome just right-click on the page and click view page source then look at the keywords section of the page the keywords that appear here are the tags for that video you can also use a tool like to buddy or vidiq you which will show you a videos tags without needing to look through the source code next use a few of the tags that video uses on your video and make sure to copy the tags exactly word for word if your video is high-quality and closely related to the popular video YouTube will start to rank you as a

suggestive video with that let’s dive into our last strategy turn donkeys into unicorns the fact is this whether you’re a small Channel or have a million subscribers we all have videos that do better than others why is that well there are a lot of reasons behind this but from analyzing millions of videos I found the videos that do well tend to have one thing in common lots of watch time we talked about watch time a little bit before it’s the total amount of time that people spend watching your video and I’ve recently discovered a great way to increase my watch time turning donkeys into unicorns here’s how it works first log into your YouTube analytics and click on audience retention this report shows you how much of a video people watch and where they tend to drop off then search for a video you’ve published on your channel that’s done really well finally keep an eye out for audience retention peaks peaks are sections of your video that have above-average audience retention then just watch that section of your video to figure out what kept people watching that part did you put a graphic on screen say something funny or maybe you did something simple like change the camera angle take note of that then apply what you learned to future videos for example here’s an audience retention report from a video I

published a while back see that peak right there in that section of the video I outlined a real-life example of how someone increased their Google rankings so I made sure to use real-life examples in the beginning of all of my future videos and it helped those videos go from potential donkeys to amazing unicorns okay so I know I said I’d show you nine video SEO strategies but I recently came across a cool little hack that’s working really well for me and I wanted to share it with you and that hack is include the current year in your video title YouTube users want to see content that’s current and relevant I know thanks Captain Obvious but here’s the thing how do you actually demonstrate that your content is useful today include the current year in your video title when you include the current year in your video title your result instantly stands out in the search results and in the suggested video sidebar which means you’ll get more clicks and views Plus as a bonus lots of people search for keyword plus year in Google and YouTube so when you add the year to your video title and

description you’ll rank higher for these keyword plus year keywords for example if your title look like this just add the current year and you instantly have a title that’s gonna get you a higher click-through rate so did you learn something new from today’s video and make sure to subscribe to my youtube channel right now just click on the subscribe button below this video also if you want exclusive SEO strategies that I only share with subscribers head over Rebecca link accom and sign up for the newsletter it’s free now I want to turn it over to you which of the youtube SEO tips from this video are you gonna use first are you gonna try front-loading your keywords or maybe you’re ready to turn donkeys into unicorns either way let me know by leaving a comment below right now I’m rollin yeah I really don’t want to say that do you hear that okay yeah it’s possible because when I you know I didn’t mean what button goggles

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How to Waste $10,000 on Marketing | Grow Your Music Studio Live #027

Hey there, everybody, Daniel from Grow Your Music In this video I want to talk to you about how to allocate money for marketing in your studio. Now there’s such a thing as “good spend” and “bad spend”, we’ll call it that. There are expenses that are worth making and there are expenses that are not worth making. And I want to go through that. Now, here’s what’s prompting the story today. I was at a gathering of friends yesterday. There was quite a few people there. There was almost two dozen people at this gathering.

I was talking to this young guy and he’s kind of an acquaintance. And he has just started a business. And he’s talking about some expenses that he has coming up. But I began to ask about them and he had been proposed by a marketing company, a huge branding campaign and writing and all these things. And as I listened, I was kind of horrified because he’s this young guy, he’s just started his business, he doesn’t have a lot of customers yet. And what I heard was things that I heard early on when I was first starting out.

So whether you are a brand new studio owner or you’ve been in business for 20 years, whether you’re a small studio or large studio, what I want to talk about today. .. It’s so fresh in my mind. I just had to throw this camera up so I could do this video. But no matter how experienced you are or how long you’ve been in business, when I’m about ready to talk about is hugely important and even reminded me and kind of got me thinking about where I’m allocating marketing dollars to and where I am spending money.

So here’s the deal. I want to tell you three decisions that I had that are an example of a bad way to spend marketing dollars, okay? So number one: I had my website redesigned a number of years ago and I went to an SEO company. And this company that was specializing in SEO – if you don’t mind, it isn’t really that important. It is kind of a new attraction technique, okay? This company pitched this huge deal to me where they were going to, you know, make my piano studio website so visible. Everyone’s going to see this. And I asked them how I knew that would happen.

And what they said to me was that, “Well, you know, this is the technique we specialize in and if we do all of these things, it’s going to make your website be the most visible if someone types in the word “piano lessons” in your area.” And I asked him what the ongoing costs of it would be and exactly how many visitors I could expect. Now here’s the thing, they could tell me exactly how much it was going to cost, but they could not tell me what the outcome would be. They couldn’t tell me how to measure whether the strategy was working or not, other than general platitudes. Okay, so that’s the first one. The second one: Another time I went to a designer and asked them to help me rebrand my studio. And this designer did all this work. He was even going to bring in other people to work on the job. And once again I asked him, “How many sales is this going to contribute? How am I going to know if this is working or not?” And he said, “Well, you know, branding is just the thing you have to do. People have to know who you are.

People have to know you’re out there. You’ve got to make a good impression when they see your site. You’ve got to look professional. This is how you’re going to make sales.” I say, “Yeah, but how will I be able to measure it?” He couldn’t tell me. Okay, you might see where this is going. Third: Many years ago, before I really got my digital advertising working for me, I actually contacted Google. Google themselves built me a Google Ads account. And they set me up with an ad specialist, and this ad specialist built my account for me for free. And we got to the end of it and we were going over the settings. He was explaining some things in the settings and I knew just enough to know that some of the settings there were going to really cost me a lot of money, but they weren’t going to have a big return. And I don’t think the guy was trying to scam me. I don’t think Google was out to do the worst for me. I think that the advice is probably true for most businesses. What he was trying to tell me I should do is true for most businesses, but it wouldn’t work for a business like ours.

And I kept insisting that I didn’t want to do this, that it was going to cost me literally hundreds, perhaps thousands of dollars, and I wouldn’t see any sales. I wouldn’t see any return from the spend on the advertising. And know said to me? You’re going to love this. I said, “How do I know this is going to turn into customers or how do you know?” He says, “Just trust me. I know what I’m doing. I built a lot of accounts from people. Just trust me.” So here’s the thing, here’s how to waste $10,000 marketing your studio. Talk to people in marketing who are trying to sell you services, who can’t tell you exactly how you’re going to get sales, who can’t explain to you – down to the numbers – how you know whether the strategy is working or not. I see so many studio owners when it comes time to build a website, the first thing they say is, “Well, who can build me those beautiful websites?” Now, website builders …

Unless they’re focused on sales – which I found the majority of them aren’t – website builders are really good at building websites. They’re not good at making you sales. Logo designers are really good at building you logos. They’re not good at making you sales. Do you see where I’m going with this? This is how you waste a lot of money when you work with people in marketing who cannot tell you the exact pathway and cannot help you measure and cannot tell you – in the numbers – whether or not the strategy is working.

At best, they’re just, you know, recycling platitudes. They’re doing what they know how to do best. At worst, they’re out to get you, so to speak. Your worst fears have come true. What I found is most of the time people who are doing this, they have your best interest at heart, but what they’re really good at doing is building you a product. They’re not good at helping you make sales. And here’s the thing, okay? This is the lesson to learn from all this. And it leads into the lesson that I want to teach. And it’s this: In a business, cash flow is king. Unless something is directly contributing to your bottom line, it’s an expense and you have to be very careful with expenses. There’s all kinds of tools you can buy. There’s all kinds of ways that you can spend money. But unless it’s directly contributing to cash flow, it is an expense and it should be looked at with suspicion. So if they cannot tell you how it’s going to directly impact your cashflow, if they cannot tell you, if they cannot falsify their premise, if they can’t say, “Here’s how you know it isn’t working,” you can’t …

You have to go into that with your eyes open. It might not be the best strategy to be following. Now, one extra tip tip here, okay? And this is a little to the point. If you decide to DIY your marketing, if you’re doing your marketing and YOU can’t explain how the marketing technique is going to help you, you are the problem. You might be a danger to yourself, okay? And I love to read the comments right below. Have you done some sort of marketing technique? I know it’s a little bit exposing but hey, I’m exposing some bad things I’ve done here too. Have you gone and bought Facebook ads and see no students from it. And then said, “Oh, Facebook ads must not work.” Or you know, if you’re being honest, “Oh, well I guess I don’t know how to make Facebook ads work.” Well, the reason is you didn’t know how to measure whether they’re gonna work and if you had known how to measure, you probably would’ve gotten a result from it.

If you had known the metrics to be looking for, if you’d known how to know whether beforehand it was going to work or not, you probably would’ve gotten the result you were looking for. And the same thing goes with these contractors I was telling you about a little bit earlier. Okay, so here is the number one, what I’ll call “expense” that you should have in your studio business. The number one “expense”, alright? And it’s really not an expense because in reality, what you should be doing, the way you should be thinking about marketing is not, “Oh, I’m going to trade some money for a website,” or “Oh, I’m going to trade some money for a logo,” or “Oh, I’m going to trade some money for a consultant to come in and tell me what I should do.” And I mean, right there exactly what Richard just said: “I know the person that spent a thousand bucks and they got likes, but no conversions.” Okay, here’s the number one expense you should have, and it goes right along with what Richard just said there.

You don’t buy a website, you don’t buy marketing, you don’t buy ads. You buy new customers. If your marketing is working really, really well, for every dollar that you spend in an ad, you should be making 5 or 10 or 15 dollars back. And if you don’t know the mechanism by which you can do that, then you shouldn’t be investing in that marketing medium. You shouldn’t just be buying a website because “studios should have a website”. The person who’s building that website or you should understand the exact metrics that turns a visitor to your site. They should know the exact process that turns a visitor to your site into a customer. If they can’t explain that process or they can’t explain exactly how many visitors should be coming to your site or how many visitors that come to your site should be turning into an actual customer, I would be very leery. I would be very careful. I’d be very cautious. So don’t buy marketing. Don’t buy advertising.

Buy new customers. That’s the only expense you should have in your business. This is how a business grows. This is how a business scales: when you take money and you turn it into new customers. What I can tell you is that all the ads that I ran on Google last year cost me $1,700 and over the course of the year, the amount of money that I made back from the students that I got from Google was well over $10,000. Same thing with Facebook ads. Same thing from other ad mediums. I’m taking money that I have and turning it into actual new customers, not buying a website. Any purchase that I make in the marketing department has to be backed up by some sort of metric that lets me know whether or not I’m wasting my money. So that is the thought for the day.

I’m very passionate about this. I was just talking about this guy, and I was kind of getting upset as I was talking to this guy at this cook out that we had yesterday, because he’s looking at working with a marketing company and they’re talking about branding and they’re talking about logos and they’re talking about having a beautiful website. And when I asked him, “Well, what’d they tell you about the kinds of sales you could expect?” Zip, not a word had been said by that company. He didn’t even know what I was talking about.

And so I just got done writing him an email letting him know that he needs to be very, very careful. And I thought I’d share this with you all. So, hope this has been helpful. If you like this video, please share it, like. I’d love to hear a comment down below. And I will see you in the next video from Grow Your Music Studio. Talk to you later. Bye, bye. .

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Music Industry Revenue Streams: The Advent of Spotify and Music Streaming Services

The company Spotify is a very interesting case study. The amount that Spotify pays the creators, by way of the record companies, for the licensing of the recordings for streaming, as well as the publishers– the people who license the public performance of the song– amounts to about 70% of their revenue that they generate from selling advertising, or from their subscriptions. And they are continuing to increase the number of paid subscribers.

So as they make more strides for attracting more paid subscribers for their services, it’s creating a situation where they are making more money, but can they survive and become profitable on the 30% that they are left with? The margin just isn’t big enough. So what Spotify has decided to do, and just did recently, was renegotiated their agreements with all of the major record labels.

The record labels used to get about 58%– I mean, we talked about 70%. 12 of that would go to the publishers. 58% would go to the record companies for those recordings, to license the recordings for the streaming services. And Spotify decided to, and did, renegotiate all of their agreements with the three major record labels, and even the association of independent labels– Merlin– where they reduced those payments, based on the initial payments that they’re paying now. So they went from about 58%– it’s been said, these are confidential agreements– down to almost maybe 52% with some of the labels. However, the labels have agreed, and Spotify has agreed, that the more subscribers they get, the royalty rates will come up, because the more money they are going to be able to make.

Which is a very, very interesting development. Another interesting development is that Spotify is finding that there are many, many artists, independent artists, that they feel that they can do direct deals with, and may not have to pay that 52% or 58%. The major labels demand it, and they have to pay it. But if there are some independent artists– Chance the Rapper, or other independent artists– that they can make a deal directly with them.

They could possibly play those artists less. Why? Because the artist, if they’re signed to a major label, the major label is making 58% of the revenue, and they’re paying the artist on the artist’s royalty rate of 15%, which is what? Maybe 7% of that? So Spotify feels that they can go directly to the artists, have them license their recordings to them, they could pay the artists maybe 40%, rather than the 50% they’re paying to the major labels.

So that they’re going to be able to benefit more. Spotify has done that on occasion, although they don’t want to create any problems with the major labels, or they they’re really trying to not do that on a broad level at this point. But you have to figure there’s more and more independent artists that may not even be interested in signing with a major label, might be interested because streaming is really taking over, and doing deals directly with Spotify.

So the future for Spotify and streaming is going to continue to grow, and it’s going to be a very fascinating subject for years to come. .

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What happens when you sign a Music Contract? Ep. 1

I love music. I hate the industry. It’s an entirely shitty situation. I’m all over the fucking radio. These motherfuckers love me. Why the fuck am I broke? You know D, that’s how you felt, like Goddamn. That’s the fee you pay to get into the game. Wow. So this piece of paper really holds this much power. They just spend these kids, man. People get fucked over all the time. Where do you learn it? There’s no school for hip hop. Well, Puff is like my idol. You know what I mean? He’s one of the reasons why I wanted to be a part of Bad Boy, why I wanted to be hit man. So Puff was like, “I wanna sign you to a publishing thing.

I wanna do this, I wanna manage you,” and I was like, “This is, like, Puff wants to do this for me?” And I’m thinking, I’m like, “Wait a minute … If I sign all this stuff, that means he gets paid from everything I do. And even if I produce with him, it’s like he’s getting paid twice.” And I was like, “Get the fuck outta here.” I remember we were in the studio and I screamed at him, it was the first time I screamed at Puff. I was like, “How am I supposed to get any money?” And he was like, “Alright then.” It wasn’t like there was no beef, but then it was like, alright so you about to go to this party afterwards. So at that moment, I realized is a difference between friends and business. He never stopped being my friend because I didn’t sign those papers, but like, shit, if you gonna let me do it, I’m a try. I never told him, I appreciate you for that because that was one of the best learning experiences I ever had in the music industry.

We are about to sign our recording contract. Over here, we got all the Cristal we about to pop. They have fucking clauses in these shitty contracts that say, “We’re only gonna pay you 15%.” In that 15%, the label’s charging you for every fucking thing that takes place. Yeah, you see we’re getting D Dots joint down there now. Proof. The artist has to pay everybody. The producers, the songwriters. Every dime they spend, they either gonna charge you half or 100%.

So most of us, including myself, had no clue what the fuck that meant. All these motherfuckers with your shitty paperwork, your money’s gotta go through all them. Damn, we only getting 12 cents off a dollar? And outta my 12, I gotta pay you, you, you, you and you? What the fuck? Damn, can you at least put some Vaseline on it? Can we have some wine and cheese before? Goddamn, like, what’s happening here? You have a lot of kids coming from these inner cities that never even seen 10,000 dollars cash before. So if you have a person that’s coming to you like, “Here’s 20,000. Sign to me, I’m a put your album out.” They’re not looking at no legal team where like, “Let me call my lawyer and make sure that this deal is right.” You’re taking the 20,000, you’re going to sign the contract and you’re going to figure it out later on when the money is gone. It’s too much coming at them too fast. A lot of people just are so thirsty for a platform that they sell themselves short. You just see a big label, and you’re like, “They wouldn’t do me wrong.” Where do you learn that? There’s no school for hip hop.

You know, I definitely signed some bad contracts in my time. Some still pending. Now, I’ve got a piece of paper. It make you just think, like, “Wow. Do this piece of paper really hold this much power?” You dangled, like, this fucking career in my face and, like, yeah, I want to do it. Of course I’m not reading this shit, like, not to say that, like, it’s the smart thing to do, but you’re young. But, at the same time, you a grown man. You know how to read, too. You told not to read that contract. So I don’t get when people say, like, “Oh, don’t sign with such and such, you know, they be fuckin’ people.” You know, hell, they aint fuck nobody. You had it, you could have read it.

You chose not to read it. You look at the fact, that they put this two bit stats of a minor over here next to the contract. This is all you gonna ever get. You aint even look at the contract. We have a frustrated artist who wakes up one day and realizes that, “I’m all over the fucking radio. These mother fuckers love me. Why the fuck am I broke?” And then they explain to you, like, “This is why. Paragraph 64 clause B says you don’t get shit.” When you’re a artist, you gotta make hot records. That’s what your job is to do.

You’re not making hot records, we have to move on. It’s nothing personal. It’s business. Even as a executive, if I’m not putting out hit records or I’m not signing hot artists, they’re gonna be like, “I think we can find somebody else to fill your position.” Everybody at the label could get fired just like the artist could get dropped. You could go to war with your label and the label war is probably, like, one of the major contributions to failed careers. At the end of the day, I’m trying to take care of my family, too, just like you are, so what makes your life better than mine? You start arguing with these executives, and they just fucking turn the switch off on your ass. Don’t like you anymore. First thing you gonna say is, “Well, let me go.” They don’t do that shit.

Obviously, all the cash money we single doin this. Tyga claims that Birdman owes him like 12 million dollars. You know, hey, Birdman, you robbed me, so I’m going to put on a loud speakerphone and tell everybody that you robbed me and everybody else that comes to you is going to be very careful about how you, you know, they do those contacts. If anybody can take that stuff personal and have stuff goin, they might not want to choose this job. Literally everything in the industry, they will try to get over on you if you let it slide. I’m the type, like, I will pull up the complex, you know what I’m saying? Like, “Hey, where’s the footage?” You know, to be a boss, sometimes, you have to be a bitch. You don’t work a nine to five, so you don’t get, like, you know, your insurance and your income tax check. You don’t get none of that shit. Published shit is kind of like your paycheck for writing. You get paid for when people listen to your music over and over again. Those are checks that just come.

You don’t want to give that shit up. Sometimes, you might have to, like, break a little piece off of somebody, you know what I’m saying? But make it worth it. Don’t give it all up. Ever. Ever. Yo, Kanye, you gonna play something? Yo, West! Kanye! Talk about Kanye and the publishing. To manage him, I had an opportunity to own some of his publishing. I didn’t want to do that to any producer I manage because they were my startup guys and Kanye was a sample producer. He took a sample from Jay-Z. Sample from this music, and then you put it together. I was gonna pretty much let him know that you’re not gonna make no fuckin’ money in royalties with all these samples you’re doing.

I rearranged the deal for everybody to where he got his publishing back. The industry just wants to rape and take. Labels should do what’s fair, and that’s why the artists today are saying, “Fuck you, record company.” And they should. Everybody’s trying to figure out how to get that money even though the sales have dwindled. There was one time I met these execs, like, brought us to the house, laid, everything is crazy and gave us this whole big pep talk, speech. And then, literally, like, I think it was eight months later we went and met the same guys, but this time in the office, and they came in and gave us the whole same exact spiel. Like the same exact speech, like the introduction, everything. And that’s when I knew, like, “Man.” Like they just spin these kids, man. I’m 19. He’s 21, like, we’re young, so a lot of people try to take advantage of us. Yeah. But the thing is, they don’t realize that we actually already know what’s up. We already know. I’m so scared to sign my name on shit.

I’m scared to give you a autograph, let alone sign a contract. It’s kind of like old school verses new school. Most kids now feel I don’t need to sign with a label. They have all this amazing music and I’m like, “I know some people, you wanna … ?” And it’s like, “No. I just want to put it out myself.” When we were coming up, we didn’t foresee MP3’s, but somebody did because in contracts we were signing, they would say things like, “You making records for cassette cd’s and any form in the future.” That line meant a lot. All of a sudden, Itunes showed up and now, we’re fighting our contracts because we didn’t take time to study what was in it. Somebody else did. Make sure, before signing anything, to have somebody look over it just to make sure you just don’t sign your life away. A lot of artists, from day one, they walk into a shitty situation.

Shitty paperwork, shitty deal, shitty people around them sometimes. In my case, we had the shitty paperwork. We went beyond that and we sold a lot of fucking records. You seen MC Hammer lose, what, 20, 30 million dollars? Like, it can happen. We didn’t know nothing about anything. I’m doing this shit. That was my first hundred thousand dollar check. At that point, we just started ballin. And that’s what you do it for. They givin’ us money to do this and we get to go shopping. I’m like, “Oh, shit. This is real. And I’m broke.” You check your account, it’s like, “Where did that go?” Shit woke you up fast. Really, really fast. The day we got our first check, we ran out of gas, dog. That was, oh my God, that’s hilarious! Yeah. We got our first pay, so we ran out of gas on the freeway. We got our first- And we had to walk all the way to the gas, it was like, how many miles? A lot of miles, but, we had to walk.

It was hilarious and we were so happy. Yeah. I was driving, too. I was so happy, I went, I didn’t even look at the gas. I didn’t even look at the gas meter on the freeway. I’m like, “Hold on. What’s wrong with the car?” Yeah. Yeah. Looked at the gas, I’m like, “Ohhh.” Ohhh. It was 400, but it was 440 because maybe he gave us like a tip, too. First pay stub ever was $440. Yeah. .

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How to Contact Influencers, Music Marketing & Preparing to Live Stream

– On this episode we (dial tone) do it again. (upbeat hip hop music) – You ask questions, and I answer them. This is The #AskGaryVee Show. – Hey everybody, this is Gary Vay-ner-chuk and this is episode 202 of the The #AskGaryVee Show. I have some new kicks. Get in here Staphon. Feeling’ pretty good about these. Went with the blue shirt along with it. India is here. – Hi. – And we are very focused on a 202 call-in show. We’re bringing it right back. All of you hated on it. We made some adjustments. We think we got something, India. – Yep. – Are you ready to get into the call-in– – Show? – I am although– – No, no. We weren’t done yet. – It’s been like outsourced to robots. You know? It’s the future. – Oh you got very upset and what happened in 200, huh? – No, it’s actually kind of nice. – Or you just so busy with the in– – Yeah, I have so many meetings the schedule. It’s kind of a relief. – Alright, let’s do it one more time. Are you ready for the– – Show? – Very good.

Andy, this is on you. Are you ready to take responsibility if this is glitchy? They didn’t like the cadence. They didn’t like the chop. We think we got it. – I’m ready to add operator to the resume. – Alright, operator. Let’s do it. Episode 202 of The #AskGaryVee Show, Facebook Live you are the backbone of the call-in and live episodes. 949-793-7611, call in the show. And we’ll get to the first caller in one second but if you are not following me on Facebook, Staphon, let’s do a nice little edit here.

Let Zak or Andrew design something here. Not like your font. Get something pretty here that says, please and link those links up on YouTube and Facebook when we post it. On Facebook that’s kind of weird but anyway on YouTube. Make sure you’re following ’cause Facebook Live will be the backbone of me doing this show. Oh by the way, I have an idea, this is ad hoc even though we’re filming it will be in the show this is not really for the show, give me one second. Actually, you know what? Black-and-white this out. You don’t usually do that, do that for me right now.

I think we should do a commercial. Something screwed up? – Spinning wheel of death on Aircall. – Yes. You’re in deep trouble, right? I love it. (laughter) While you crash that out, while you panic, I’ll tell these guys. Are you dead? – Andy, Force quit. – Yeah. Spinning wheel of death. Everything I can do but if I go here– – So force quit. – I love it. – I don’t think it’s going to fix it. Right before I was talking to the guy and he was like I was talking with the tech team, how many exactly do you think are going to be calling in? I was like a lot. It’s going to be a lot of calls in a short amount of time. He’s like alright, when’s the day for the show? 10 minutes. Oh, wow wow wow. Wow wow. (laughter) – Alright, so what’s gonna happen now? – I’m gonna quit. – I’m going to stall here while you do this. India, find a question. – We’re going to go to old-school way. We have a new number. – No, we can’t do the old-school way. I think that thing was really working well.

– It’s broken. We broke it. – We didn’t break it yet. You give up so easily. – I can’t even, I have to shut down my computer. – Let me show how you do it. It’s very easy. You go hmmmm, you hold it, you hold it. Good. What the problem going to lose stuff? – I mean cool but then all right. – But what? – We can still use the Google Voice number. – I don’t want to. I want to use this thing. – I have questions. – Google Voice works. – India, you ask a question.

I’m not using Google Voice, I want to use that thing. Is that the guy calling? – Yeah. – I love it, good hustle. Way to watch. You keep doing your thing, we’ll do our thing. – Want to talk about what you would do if you were the CEO of Yahoo. – Yeah, let’s talk about it. – If you woke up and you are the CEO of Yahoo what would you revitalize the company? From Robert. – I think what I would do is truthfully a lot of M&A, mergers and acquisition. I would go and look at the Anchors and the Musically’s and the after schools and the things that are emerging in the marketplace and realize what I have is a business model that is cold or not working as well and not rolling so that’s what I have an issue in and when I have an advantage in is that I have dollars and assets and money from Alibaba and other places that I can deploy and so I think when your core business is not driving upward mobility in growth in your company.

The thing you do is you leverage that asset to try and build up your future. And so my answer would be M&A. I think to Marissa’s credit, the current CEO, and I have a lot of respect for her and I think it was a tough gig that she jumped into. She went out and did that and bought Tumblr for a big nut. And to me in hindsight if she would have been able to buy Instagram instead of Facebook buying it though I’m sure Kevin wouldn’t have sold to Yahoo that he would have to Facebook. There was definitely other, I do believe that when Marissa became the CEO there was probably a moment where she could have bought Snapchat for 1 billion or two but then the question becomes when you buy these hot things on the way up do they stop becoming those hot things once they go and get cashed out and there’s not the same energy. The other thing I would have thought about is hardware.

I’m very obsessed right now with the notion of hardware. I think Facebook should absolutely, don’t worry about the cost I think that Facebook should absolutely make a television for example. I think Yahoo could have made a television, could have made a Netflix competitor. I didn’t like your reaction there Andy. Worry about the cost. (laughter) And so the biggest thing I would say to all of you to make this a little more relevant to so many that watch why don’t you focus on the following. If you’re in a business that has a situation where it’s not growing as well, you need to kind of disrupt yourself and try to make new revenue angles and try to do different things. If you stay the course and try to do incremental things that grow your business that becomes a vulnerability.

So if you’re in a 3 to 4 your year funk where your business is flat, you have to really change the business not just do what you’re doing a little bit better. For example, Wine Library one thing I’ve always debated that if we capped out our growth on the wine stuff is to really build out Gourmet Library and become like a supermarket and sell cheese and gourmet meats and things of that nature.

That’s a big change than just doing wine selling a little bit better. Doing a little bit better on email service to adding a couple more selections or changing the pricing strategy on the core business so if I was Yahoo CEO a year ago and just trying to grow the business, not taking any of the Wall Street dynamics into play which Marissa had to, I would’ve done very drastic things in hardware would have been on the forefront. I think phones are too hard. I think televisions are easier and so I would have done is made a Yahoo television that was unbelievable. Would have bought a TV producing company that makes TVs and put Yahoo at the forefront of the brand and then build an over-the-top Netflix like business and produce original content that would have driven into there because Amazon and Netflix are now making some of the best television in the world. That means anybody can. Facebook, Snapchat, anybody can and that’s what I’d done. I probably would’ve reached out to this guy named GaryVee and give him a late night show. That would’ve worked.

Andy? – Yo. – You ready to go? – Yep. – Same number? – Same number? – Same number. – Good. 949-793-7611. (phone rings) Here we go. Alright. – Call from unknown caller. To accept press one. – Pedro? – Yes. – This is Gary Vaynerchuk you’re on The #AskGaryVee Show episode 202. How are you? – Oh my god, I’m good now. You’re my man, my Jesus. What is going on? – I appreciate it, man. Pedro, what can I help you with? Where are you from and what’s your question? – I am from Portland, Oregon. I am the social media specialist of MotoCorsa Ducati. My question is about live streaming. – Okay. – As far as preparation for live streaming if you are going to do Periscope or Snapchat how much do you need to be prepared for that? – I think that and thanks of the question it makes a lot of sense obviously when you’re an entrepreneur or personal brand, I actually think the more ghetto the better.

The more real there are so many other platforms, your Instagram photos your Facebook posts, there’s a lot of places to go to polished. I actually think live streaming’s big upside is actually just the real and the raw and the lack of preparation is really attractive and has been the reason people loved reality TV and the reason they would love Periscope. Now when you work in a big company like you and others, you need to be careful. Is there something in the background? Is there a document on the desk that people can see? You got all these things you have to worry about that big companies worry about so you need some level of preparation but I think that’s awareness to what could happen versus actually prepping. You know what I mean? – Right, yeah, perfect.

Pretty much all of our good stuff if on-the-fly. – Always man. – No preparation. – Pedro, always. I’m going to go next call. I appreciate you watching, brother. I love you. Thank you for that. The bottom line is that people are always going to be more attracted to the authentic. There is an absolute place for the polished movies, TV. I think YouTube’s an incredible, look were doing DailyVee polished because I believe in the strategy. In a world where now I believe YouTube videos are going to be very easily consumed on televisions all across America I think it’s a good strategy. You got a call coming Andy? How’s it going? – I had it and then right when– – It’s all right. Here we go. I think it is super important to recognize that real and authentic is just as potentially important as polished. I think way too many creators and videographers and people that make videos always overthink that.

They don’t understand that the raw (phone rings) can be just as good as the glossy. It’s like fashion, India. Like a great suit is great a little bit of swag in the T-shirt is great too. Let’s go to the next one. That’s right. – Call from unknown caller. To accept– – This is Gary Vaynerchuk you’re on episode 202 of The #AskGaryVee Show. Who’s calling and where you calling from? Hello? – Hello? Gary? – Yes. – Hey, what’s up Gary? This is Alex Schwartz. How are you doing, man? – I’m doing super well, Alex. Where you from? – I’m from San Diego. – Love it. Everybody’s very lazy in San Diego.

Don’t you agree Alex? – Totally agree. It’s a bunch of party people and pot heads. Hard to do business here. – I agree man. You need to move to New York. – I wish but it’s too cold for me. I’m originally from Brazil. (laughter) – Respect. Alex, what’s your question? What can I answer for you? – I’m an IT consultant and I’m kind of struggling on going to the next level of just being me, the IT consultant, to actually creating a business and a brand. Unfortunately, I’m usually known as the IT guy. – Yep. – The PC Guy, and it sucks but I don’t care because it’s good money. – Yep. – How do I move from being the PC guy to actually having a business, a name and grow. – What do you want? Alex, what you want the business to be? What do you want to sell? – It’s IT consulting and IT support and IT management.

– Got it. You want your own gig and you want to build a personal brand so that clients then come to you and you can build employees underneath you. At first you’ll do your own work and then you’ll get other people and you’ll build a firm like I did with VaynerMedia, right? – Correct. – You gotta put… Go ahead. – I’m putting the work but it just me and my name and I’m kind of struggling– – Well that’s because– – It’s actually business, not just me. – Yeah, I get it. The way you gotta do that first of all is produce content. Become bigger of a name. Put out all your best advice. Blog on Medium, put out Instagram tips, do white papers on Slideshare, do Facebook Lives, Periscopes, make content, make content, make content. Show your expertise, have inbound business and just like with VaynerMedia, people want to hire Gary Vaynerchuk but Gary Vaynerchuk’s not available. It’s VaynerMedia. But guess what, Gary Vaynerchuk was available in 2009, ’10, ’11 and ’12 and then I made enough money to hire other people and Gary Vaynerchuk wasn’t available.

Right now, don’t stress about the semantics whether they want you or your business you don’t have the money or the need to hire a bunch of people yet. Create such demand that you take those dollars and hire people and then just tell new clients it’s my expertise delivered to my employees but you don’t need me to physically fix your PC, got it? – Got it. Now, real quick question you always say that Facebook is doing much better for ads than Google ads, do you still believe that? Do you think I should, if I were to run some ads should I go– – You should do both.

I think Google search is great for the business you’re in. I do think Facebook is better for content and branding. You should do both but my first start making a lot of content. I need you blogging on about your thoughts on PC and your thoughts on IT and your thoughts on tech in today’s society over and over and over again content, content, content video, written form, audio, Soundcloud, Anchor. All of it. It’s all about the content, Alex. Thank you brother. Thanks for being on the show.

Let’s get onto to the next call Andy. I don’t know if you got it figured out yet. (phone rings) Oh my God. (laughter) I’m getting excited. – Call from unknown caller. – Kyle. Kyle, turn down your audio. How are you? Oh, we lost him. We didn’t figure out the hack. Kyle gave up and hung up. – Kyle! – Kyle. Listen, Kyle is making your game look bad, Andy. India, actually I found a new thing for you. – Oh really? – Yeah, good news. Computers have not taken over your life yet. – I’m cool with that too. – No, I know you are. But what’s really cool is that we can, in these in-between moments where funny things like what’s going on with Andy (upbeat hip hop music) questions and things of that nature. It a whole new little thing for us. – A mini show in the show. – A mini show in the show. – Cool. – Yeah.

Like it. Andy what’s going on? Go ahead, India. (phone rings) Oh here we go. Vancouver. – Call from unknown caller. To accept… – Hello this is Gary Vaynerchuk you’re on episode 202 of The #AskGaryVee Show. Who’s this and where you from? – Hi Gary. This is Sylvia I’m from Vancouver, Canada. – Hey, how are you? – Good. I have a question for you and my question is I’m breaking into the online market. I have made courses before but I took some time away and now it’s… – Darn it, I’m so sorry.

I’m so sorry. It was too choppy. She was breaking it online courses I could hear it but she was also breaking up. And I’m so sorry. I hate this but I have to navigate the cadence and the flow of the show and it was just too choppy. Andy can’t figure out the choppiness? I know we’re not doing is the way, we’re not screening calls and I think we should continue not to screen calls.

I know a lot of you are like, screen calls and do this I get it this is how we’re gonna do it. (phone rings) You know? That’s the way it’s going to be. – Call from unknown caller. – Hey this is Gary Vaynerchuk you’re on #AskGaryVee 202. Who’s this and where you from? And please turn down your computer or what have you. – Hey. – Hey. – Hey, this is Cam. – Cam what’s up, baby? Is his Cam Newton? – I can’t believe I got on.

No, Cam Herald. I wish it was Cam Newton. – Cam, where you from? – Oklahoma City. – Love it, brother. What can I help you with? – I’m currently working on a book and I’m interviewing different entrepreneurs. What advice would you give to someone that is trying to get a hold of influencers and stuff like that? – Twitter, Twitter, Twitter, Twitter, Twitter, Twitter, Twitter, Twitter, Twitter. Period. Twitter. No LinkedIn, no cold emailing, it’s not gonna work. Go figure out the 500 people you want to interview, go see what they’re tweeting about. If you want to interview Cam Newton go look at Cam Newton’s last 10 tweets try to jump on the last thing he’s talking about and add value to the conversation. Say like “Yeah” or “Disagree” or “No way” or whatever you want to go with it. Create some context so don’t ask for the interview right away, get in to a little banter build up a little rapport. This takes a lot of work, Cam. This is five, seven, 10 hours a day every day for a month but you get, then you go in for the ask, you get a little context of those people you ask them to interview you.

They’ve been talking to you about sports or wine or candy or sailing or surfing or raising children over the last month now they got a little context for Cam on Twitter and then Cam goes in for the ask one of the very 80 of those unbelievable people will say yes so if you think about 80 people getting one to say yes and you needing 20 people that’s an unbelievable amount of people that you need in your ecosystem, right? You’re talking about 1600 people that you are hitting up which is going to take you months but it’s putting in the work and that’s how you’ll actually get them. Got it? – Yeah, appreciate it. – No worries, brother. Cam from Oklahoma City. Let’s go to the next one. – Call from– – Roberto this is Gary Vaynerchuk from The #AskGaryVee Show episode 202.

Roberto Blake always a big fan, always supported me. I appreciate you. I’m glad you’re on. How are you doing? – I appreciate it man. I missed you at Big South yesterday. I wanted to ask a super important question about a business decision I’m trying to make. – Let’s do it. – You’re the person that can answer. – Well, here we are episode 202 of The #AskGaryVee Show coming through in the clutch. – Right on. I am working on a YouTube video SEO video guide to help some of my audience who are struggling with this.

And a lot of my friends are giving me advice that I should presell it. – Okay. – I feel awkward about selling something that I haven’t made because I feel awkward about I want to just deliver on something, deliver the value. I feel like why should I sell it if I haven’t made it yet. What are your thoughts on that? – I think a lot of people that watch me and hear me and feel they know where I’m going to go with this answer may be confused by this.

I’m very comfortable with you preselling it as long as you feel like you’re actually going to deliver on it. If you feel like it’s actually going to happen and you’re not taking people’s money, I think pre-selling something and then not delivering in two ways, one, not delivering and being a criminal and stealing people’s money, I don’t think you’re going to do that. And I actually think it’s unacceptable to also even return the money because you not a god damn bank and it would’ve been much better for them to have it in your bank account than you. You just have to hundred percent make sure that you’re going to deliver and the big vulnerability because I know you little bit and I know you’ll deliver on that too the problem is if you lose energy or some other amazing opportunity happens tomorrow, right? If I email you tomorrow and say I want to be the new official cohost of The #AskGaryVee Show with me but you have to work 10 hours a day when we’re not filming doing X, Y, and Z but you got to go deliver on this guide what’s going to happen Roberto is going to bullshit the guide over the next month or two ’cause your not going to have time and it’s not going to be the thing you actually thought it was going to be because you still finish your word.

The vulnerability of pre-selling is not delivering to the capability that you have set in your mind because you don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow. Got it? – Got it. That is exactly what my concerns were and you are really good at figuring that out and yeah you do know me a little bit so that was perfect, thanks so much. – You got it brother. Thanks watching the show. – I know what I need to do now. – Good brother. Take care. Alright. Changing lives Andy K on episode 202. See what I did there. The mouth was the zero. The mouth, DRock, the mouth. Actually, I gotta find a good cadence in-between these calls while Andy struggles and makes episodes awkward.

You know what we could actually do? We could do the quick little topics. Quick hits. – Quick hits. The player they got hacked yesterday right before he got drafted. I like how people were confused and thought that he posted that. People were like “Yeah, hacked.” I’m like “Yes, hacked.” Yeah hacked being cynical of somebody getting hacked is when you say something racist or inappropriate and then you’re like no no I didn’t do that Andy you can send a call in anytime. No, I didn’t do that my intern, (phone rings) oh nice job Andy. My intern did that. You don’t get hacked when you post something that cost you $8 million in 40 minutes. Silly. – Call from unknown caller. – Hey this is Gary Vaynerchuk and #AskGaryVee episode 202. What’s your name and where you from? – Hey is Calvin Laymen from the San Diego event Social Media Marketing World. – Hey Calvin, how are you? – Doing well, brother.

My question is my question is after you have come off this super successful book number four launch at what point do you now set your sights on book number five? – That’s a great question. – The next big thing? – And why are you asking that? I think that’s the more interesting part of this question for me. – I’m just interested in the minds of successful people. How long they bask in their own success or when they go to the next thing. – Cool. Well, that’s a great question Calvin. I would tell you and these guys can say this especially when they all kind of maybe India really was in the Vayner world more than the rest of the gang. Calvin, I’ll tell you it was crazy what happened inside of my body when you said “basked in the success.” I have zero capability of basking in the success. I wish the camera was 360 right now because all of my team except for Andy who is worried about screwing up the show the three of the rest them were all shaking their head because they know way more than anyone that’s watching right now that there wasn’t even a remote moment, not a celebration, we didn’t have a dinner. We didn’t get together– – You suck at celebration.

– I suck at celebration, man. I don’t have my eyes set up five right now. I’ve got my eyes set on making VaynerMedia huge, building more businesses, making smart investments, helping my investments build their businesses. Getting credibility as a great businessman while I’m out of GaryVee mode for a little bit. Putting out good content, continuously upping my game in my distribution of my content, so there’s no book 5 but what I’ll tell you, and Calvin thanks for calling, what I’ll tell you is that I am always, always onto the next thing.

As a matter of fact, I would actually argue this is a slight vulnerability of mine. I actually think it would’ve probably been smart to have a dinner with all of us especially Andy and Alex, you know all of us really. To just be like hey that was a nice launch. No, we don’t have that. As a matter of fact, let’s make it really intense today is AJ’s last day at VaynerMedia. I was at a business meeting at a breakfast spot this morning with a client, I looked over and AJ was there was Yudkin and Nate and Tyler and everybody was celebrating AJ’s, Tyler get in here real quick. This is perfect timing. Why wasn’t I invited to AJ’s celebration breakfast this morning? – ‘Cause you were busy. – Okay great, get out of here. What’s really interesting about that there wasn’t even consideration, Tyler, AJ’s former assistant my current team mate with India assistant.

There wasn’t even consideration. Think about this: this is my cofounder little brother’s last day at Vayner they have a symbol. This wasn’t a one week trip. This was a simple 90 minute sendoff breakfast and we didn’t even consider for me to be a part of it. Yeah. It’s funny, we don’t celebrate it’s a celebration by the way. It’s not like a sad thing. Now I’ll be with AJ tonight which is great, second day of the draft but even when we sold a piece of the business we forced ourselves a year later we went to Atlantis in the Bahamas.

We thought we were really going to celebrate but we just became degenerates and gambled for 39 straight hours only barely even talked about it. I’m just not good at celebrating Calvin and by the way I’m not so sold that’s a good idea. As a matter of fact, I guarantee that you’ll see a blog post from me whether it’s on Medium or whatever it is of the day six years from now of finding celebration. That’s what it’s going to be called. Finding celebration and it will talk about me not being happy that I was so extreme to the non-celebrating aspects of business. I think you should celebrate the good things in life. I think it is a miss on the way that I navigate the world.

It still doesn’t come natural to me it still doesn’t, even though I know this, I’m trying to sell myself right now but I still can’t get there and I’m always following this over this. This says celebrate. This, that’s heart and gut, this is still not saying celebrate. And so I can’t celebrate. And honestly if this never says celebrate and I take last breath and I think about it for a second I won’t regret it because I always listen to this. But this understands that it’s not necessarily the best move. And I think it would’ve been really nice if we had a nice dinner and talked war stories, “Oh remember that time the “person canceled the order at the end. “Ah ha-ha-ah!” You got one or no? – Yeah. – Where is it? You need to reset? – Not reset.

– What are they saying? – They’re loving it. (phone rings) – They’re loving it? – Yeah. – Alright, good. – Call from unknown caller. – Hey, this is Gary Vaynerchuk and you’re on The #AskGaryVee Show episode 202. What’s your name and where you from? – Daniel from Miami Florida. How are you? – I’m great Daniel. – Happy Passover. – Thank you, brother, you too. Thanks for being on the show. – I’m always on the show virtually. I’m not in tech. I’m actually a songwriter. I’m releasing an album and I’m trying to avoid spending money in ways like hiring publicists so on and so forth.

– Yes. – I’m trying to really ramp up my social side. What I’ve been doing is I’ve invested in several giveaway items to try and accumulate a street team which has worked and I was just going to find out if you had any additional ideas because you will hear about me sooner or later because this record will get heard. – Good for you man. – I just wanted to ask your opinion.

– Well, thanks and I’ll give you some opinions and I’ll even throw out there something that we’ll give you. If you want and you might’ve noticed in the last DailyVee we featured Ron Gilmore Jr.’s music if you want to reach out to DRock and talk about some of your music if you want to have some of your music featured in an upcoming DailyVee, I’m not sure what kind of music it is or what DRock and Andy’s ears are for that kind of stuff. – Arabic rap. – Great. I think you’re really cool. – I’m kidding. – Got it. (laughter) The craziest is part I was actually fucking pumped.

I was like yes Arabic rap I know exactly with the kind intensity. Anyway, one I’d love to offer you that because fan of the show, I’d love to be some exposure so speak to them and let’s see if that’s a fit. Here’s my big plug: Influencers, influencers, influencers. I think you took a very smart tactic of street teams. I think books and albums when they do that do quite well. I think the biggest arbitrage for attention at the lowest possible cost right now are influencers. If you can get people to do skits or other things on Instagram with your music I think you would crush. And so I think if you spent two hours a day just reaching out to people based on hashtags on Instagram. So you go to Instagram you search hashtags and then you engage with people that are putting out stuff around thematics of either the names of the songs or the genre of music or things of that nature I think you could really have a major impact by getting some influencers on board to give you some awareness and exposure to your music.

– What about TweetDeck? Do you think I should continue doing that ’cause I am engaging with people through hashtags? – Yes but I think Instagram is a better push platform than Twitter which is why I’m pushing you that way. I would also document the journey of releasing an album. I would write at least 2 to 4 articles of the journey of releasing an album on because their editors there pick some articles and they populate them to the top and I think there could be some real opportunity for you there as well.

I would also reach out to places like HuffPo, Forbes, Business Insider cold. Send them an email and say would you like me to write a piece original for you on one musician’s point of view on releasing an album in 2016, 2017? All of them are always looking for content and I believe that’s a very inexpensive quick way for you to get exposure to a crowd that might be reading for business or other things but everyone loves music and you’re getting awareness, got it? – Got it totally. How can I get in touch with DRock regarding– – It’s

– Okay and would it be okay if I send you a signed copy of my album and maybe a poster. – That would be amazing. Work with DRock he’ll figure everything out and I wish you well Daniel. Thanks for listening and watching. Thanks brother. Awesome, good show I think we got better. We made a quantum leap from 200 to 202 but that’s actually up to you. That’s the question of the day we need feedback as we go into this new frontier so please leave your two cents on the show. You keep asking questions, especially if you call, and I’ll keep answering them. happens we can do fun little banter and you can do little .

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